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6 Years
Apr 13, 2013
Torquay, devon
I'm on day 21 and out of 6 only 1 as hatched. Here is how the story goes..... At 7pm(day 20) I noticed a pip starting, just cracked shell not the membrane. 3am I had to let the dogs out so checked again, noticed another pipped egg, no change on the 1st though. Finally morning came :) looked again and a 3rd pipped. This is the 1 that hatched and did so in 2hrs from when I got up. It's 7pm and the 2nd egg as made a hole and I can see the beak moving. No change on the 1st and nothing on the others. Is this normal? Why is the 1st not progressing? Why are the others not doing anything? Will the 2nd egg manage to figure out what to do? The new addition is enjoying football practice :) funny thing is its separated the 2 eggs with pipped shells from the 3 eggs that's done nothing yet.
Please help me with my questions, I'm such a novice at incubating, I normally buy the chicks

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