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5 Years
Oct 6, 2014
Out of 4 eggs. 2 have hatched. This is day 20. Both chicks were in the bator until dry. I quickly took them out because they were knocking the other eggs around so much. The humidity is still reading very well. They are doing great. However, my question is, one of my other eggs was moving two days ago and I haven't seen any movment since. I have been at work throughout the day (I missed both hatches). But there are no external pips. Should I be concerned that i haven't seen it move? Should I candle? Thanks in advance.
Don't panic :hugs 21 days is just a guideline for eggs nothing is set in stone with incubating. I wouldn't candle them yet you need to keep the humidity in your incubator opening it will let it all out and it's better for your eggs that havnt hatched to have the humidity stable. Chicks rest a lot during the hatching process it's very tiring for them. You could just have missed them moving. You probably saw more movement two days ago because that's when they move the most when they are getting into position to do their internal pip. They then rest before doing the external pip. Then rest before zipping. Try to resist opening the incubator it's not time to worry yet. Wishing you the very best of luck :fl
I hat to say it, but I called in sick to work today . I hate that I missed the other 2 hatches.
I must admit I get nothing done apart from my animals when I have a hatch taking place. It's not too bad for me as I work from home so can keep going and looking at the incubator. It takes over like an addiction. My other half has become quite addicted too when they hatch although he likes to think that he hasn't but I've caught him looking. I'm sure one day sick won't hurt. But patience really is a virtue when it comes to hatching chicks.
I'm trying so hard to be patient. And I don't mind the waiting. It's the not knowing if they are alright that kills me. But I'm sure all of you can relate.
Waiting is the worst part! We got NO school done today until the last one was out and moving around. It pipped last night at 8 and is finally out. I have a few left in there that did not pip so I think they are not going to make it. We can finally get some
School work done though. It stinks not knowing what is going on in there though.
Patience my friend :hugs

You can't change anything that is happening in the eggs. Try to busy yourself with something. Bake a cake! Do the ironing! All those jobs that keep getting put off!! Now is the ideal time :yiipchick
I'm afraid they probably won't make it. I did candle them and the one that was moving a couple of days ago looks like it's membrane is all shredded. Also, no movement in the other, although the air sac is still in tact. My chicks, however a wonderfully cute and playful.

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