help possible frostbite

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  1. Dandy Acres

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    Apr 14, 2009
    my california white has a bleeding comb and it is swollen. I can't tell for sure where the blood is coming from, but it is also swollen. It was about 15 degrees in the coop, but well below 0 outside with the wind chill. Could this be frostbite? Does anybody have pictures of a frostbitten comb? None of the others have any problems that I can tell and the coop is warming up to about mid twenties with all doors closed. Is it okay to put her back iin the coop when it is still so cold? Do I keep her inside with me until I figure this out?
  2. Kovalciks Chickens

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    Aug 25, 2009
    Richmond, Michigan
    is the comb turning white then black?
  3. I'd leave her outside - it won't be easy for her to get used to the cold again if you bring her in - more likely to get sick. At least keep her in a cold area of the house or garage. Put some vaseline on the comb to keep it from getting frostbite more. I have one out on my back porch right now that I brought in because the others were picking on her and she's molting (it is @4 degrees outside). Hope we don't have to keep her inside for long.

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