Nov 24, 2015
Hi everyone, I've returned home from work today to find that one of my girls looks to have had a prolapse. She's been laying for a good while now with no problems. I've tried to push it back in but it seems to be popping back out pretty soon. It seems quite hard with a white patch on it. I've put some cream on it and seperated her from the others. Any suggestions on how to cure this? Thanks
Can't say I've ever had to deal with this issue, and I assume you've done a web search already, but just in case here's a list of things to do from the chicken chick website :

1. Separate chicken from flock

2. Clean protruding tissue well

3. Replace the tissue manually

4. Apply hemorrhoid ointment (without painkiller) on the inside and outside of the prolapse

5. Supply with vitamins, electrolytes, calcium for uterine muscle health

6. Consider antibiotics if area is pecked/dirty

7. If tissue will not stay in place consider applying bandage or diaper (instructions are also on the site, link on the page)

8. Monitor condition of hen over lifetime

Hope this helps.
Yes I've had a look at a few different pages. I've brought her inside and covered it with cream. When I pop it back inside her vent is pulsating like she's trying to push it back out. Really don't know what to try next.
Yes that looks to be a significant prolapse, probably with more tissue hanging out than with most I have seen in pictures. Can you apply some honey, sugar, or hemorrhoid cream to the prolapse, and when you push it in, try to hold it in for about 10 minutes while you hold her in your lap. About the only treatment is to just keep pushing it back in, keeping the area clean daily, and hoping that she will eventually keep it inside. Prolapse is common in hatchery hens due to their laying of large eggs almost daily. Egg binding can also be a cause. Placing her in a dark space for 16 hours overnight each day, and reducing the feed amount some can help. But, in some cases the large intestine can come out farther, and most chickens have to be put down. Let us know how she does, and I hope that you can help her.
She's been to the vets and had internal stitches to hold the prolapse in and small tear in her vent stitched. Probably from straining a large egg out poor thing. But she's home and on the mend. Just hope it all heals fine. Thanks for the help everyone
Hope she does ok. I just had to put mine down - she had it real bad, and because this was my vets first experience trying to reverse the prolapse, we probably didn't proceed correctly and didn't want to cause her anymore unnecessary pain since it had been going on for four days. :(

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