HELP!!!! Prolapsed vent on hen!!

Aug 10, 2019
When we let out the hens this morning, we saw that one of them (two year old wyandotte) had a prolapsed vent. We tried gently pushing it back in, but she keeps pushing it back out. I keep finding different posts online about caring for your hen after the vent prolapses and you get it back in, but I haven't seen anything about what happens if she keeps pushing it out again. We tried something online where it said to gently push the insides back in and then apply some Preparation H to the outside of the vent, but that didn't seem to do anything. Please help!!!
It can be common for the hen to reprolapse even for a few days to a week. The prolapse can recur when she poops, strains, or lays an egg. Just keep her isolated with food and water where others cannot peck the red tissue and injure it. A dog crate is good for that. Keep it moist with honey, sugar paste, hydrocortisone cream, or vaseline petroleum jelly, just so it does not dry out. Keep her vent area clean after she poops, and a daily warm soak may help. Here is a good article to read:
Thank you for all the information that was given in this post! She is doing so much better now and her insides are all back in - we're just praying that she won't lay an egg for a while. We have been keeping her in a darker environment and will continue that for a couple of days - also so that she is separated from the other chickens so they don't pick on her. We were putting vaseline on her insides until they went back in and we couldn't do that anymore as well as putting Preparation H on her twice a day to tighten things up. Right now, she is really ornery (like she usually is, so this makes us very happy!) and is ready to be out and about again. Thank you everyone for responding to this post - we were really hoping that we wouldn't have to put her down, so this information is really appreciated and it helped a lot!
So pleased she is doing better. I also recently read that prolapse could be because of a calcium shortage. In my Viviane case it did happen after a short stint of shell-less eggs.
Cheap cheap cheep! Yay for your special care!
Great news!
I've had problems in the past with a couple of my silkie hens having prolapses. One tip I got was when you isolate them - keep the box darker than normal (Lengthen out the night time) to help try to discourage egg laying after they have had the warm bath and the vent pushed back in).
Unfortunately one of my older hens I was caring for in the house did lay an egg and the prolapse happened again. So because she was older we put her down at the vet.
Early care seems to work though and can be successful, but in her case she was in pain and older and after several attempts we had to put her to rest.

Question? Someone here in this forum mentioned providing hormones to help prevent egg laying during prolapse (which I understand is quite common for silkies) I am worried about another one of my hens that is laying quite large eggs every day and her vent looks a little bit swollen (no prolapse)

Silkies shouldn't lay every day and the hen we put to rest was laying everyday and the eggs were large!
For my other hen showing early signs of prolapse - Any advice from anyone how to prevent constant laying. (Other than bringing her inside and keeping her in the dark - there's no reason to do that because she's well at the moment)
...but I would really like to prevent it happening again. The hormones mentioned in this forum where can i get that or if anyone has tips on feed changes perhaps.
Is providing sufficient calcium grit going to help in prevention? Chicken hugger may want to know as well?
For us with just silkies - there has been no issue of other hens pecking the vent it was only that the hen had a problem and still kept laying large eggs.

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