HELP - pullet badly wounded


5 Years
Jul 24, 2014
Apparently attacked by another chicken. She is 7-8 weeks old, and pecked very bad on the head. I can see the skull. She is still breathing fine and moves around, but I am worried about infection. There is no skin left to sew back together. Will this heal? Is there something I can put on it? TIA
Clean the wound with Hibaclens and water or weak betadine, and pat dry. Neosporin or other brand of plain antibiotic ointment can be applied. In the past, I have had chickens who have healed and regrown feathers in a month, but each case is different. Separate her in a cage within her coop and run to stay part of the flock. After a week or so, I would start using either BluKote, Gentian violet, or Alushield on the wound and let it scab up (which will come off eventually.) The BluKote is good to use to hide the red scalp and feathers, even when feather shafts start growing back, because they become attractive to the other chickens to pick.
Thank you - it looks gruesome! I have her in a dog carrier in the garage for now. I didn't put anything on it yet but hoping to find supplies in the morning. :(

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