HELP! quail acting weird

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    Apr 18, 2009
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    Help! [​IMG] sad quail stressing himself to death! [​IMG] I just had this little guy for a few days now, neighbor dropped it off, poor thing, seemed stressed, but got used to the new home after awhile, hadn't learned to fly yet so I've been letting him free range in the yard and giving him parakeet feed, apple chunks, rice, millet, big eater, he seemed more friendly after a bit, got out of the yard a couple of times, [​IMG] no idea how... but he never went far, got a little ruffled and upset after I picked him up and put him back in the yard. AND THEN he got his wings clipped.... poor fella, not happy at all, all fluffing himself up, making this weird noise purring/clucky/mad i dunno...he wasn't doing this before, really stressed, ran away at any sign of humans, wouldn't eat, what do i do [​IMG] ??? Is there a way I can minimize his stress, [​IMG] or do I just leave him alone? What if he gets out of the yard again, he doesn't like being picked up or approached it okay to clip a quail's wings? [​IMG] need some help here [​IMG]
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    what type of quail is it... i have button quails and they make a weird crowing noise every so often.. as for him being stressed maybe he needs to left alone for a little bit to get used to his new home.. i don't know if you can clip quails wings since i havent cliped mine.
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    he needs game bird feed 28% protein
    he was going into the wild to call a mate and you stopped that
    he is just calling for some more quail and a mate
    why did you not get another quail from the person who gave you this one?

    email me with his problem PM me

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