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    Ok so I am starting to hatch some button quail in a little giant incubator with a auto egg turner but with no fan. I can't get the humidity up right. Anyone have any tips,tricks to get it up? I'm really nervous. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Do you have a gauge in the incubator so that you know what the humidity actually is? You should try to keep the humidity up around 50% to 55%. If you are unable to keep it up this high, you can use damp sponges inside the bator to add more humidity. You can also shut down some of your vents during incubation, but not all of them. At lock down, you will need to up the humidity to 65% to 70%. You can add more sponges, however you will need to completely OPEN all vents at lock down for maximum oxygen to the chicks.
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    I found that a tiny spice bowl (like they use on cooking shows) or a bottle cap full of water kept the humidity just about right and then at lockdown I kept wet paper towels to raise the humidity. Mine had a fan, though. I think either way you'll need a hygrometer. They sell pretty good hygrometer-thermometer combinations at Pet Smart in the lizard section. I learned from another thread on here that it's the surface area, not necessarily the amount of water in there that matters. That's why a wet paper towel will bring up the humidity so much. It has a lot of wet surface area. Good luck!

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