HELP! Quail with large wound on back on head


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May 18, 2009
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I have a quail, with a large wound on the back of its head. So far I've put a very diluted amount of TCP and water solution on it, along with flour to help stop the bleeding. What else should I do. It's under a heat lamp inside, so no other will attack it.


we have had the same thing happen to one of our chickens before. we put neosporin on it and it was healed up in no time! hope this helps
MIne have done this as well .. Keep him seperate until the redness has gone down.. i do however reccomend you keep him where he/she can talk to the other quail.. The first time I took one in the house for recovery I never was able to put it back in with the others as they would attack it brutally... But I seperated my buttons because of head picking and made sure they could call to eachother (and beleive me they did, nonstop) and when I put him back we didnt have a single problem... Just a thought I havent tested this theory yet but I did observe it..
I read on a different post that someone used "liquid skin" when they had a quail that had a head injury and appeared to be scalped and it healed right up. You might try that.

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