Help! Question about newly hatched chick


10 Years
Nov 17, 2009
Had a chick hatch this morning, and he was stuck to the egg. My husband removed the egg, but he has something bloody hanging out his little behind. Not sure what it is, and obviously can't put him in with the other chicks like that (he is the 8th to hatch). Afraid to pull too hard on it to try to remove it, as I don't know what it is, and am afraid it may be some of his insides! He's still in the incubator right now, is very alert, walking around, chirpping. I've been going frequently and giving him water.
It's a part of the unabsorbed yolk. Leave it be. He'll either absorb it and be fine or he won't If you pull it off he definitely won't be fine. Give him some time. They can survive for 3 days in the incubator before needing food/water.
I am in agreement of just being patient and trying not to panic. Leave it be, as there is not much you can do especially not really knowing what it really is. It was a good idea for you to not put it in with the other chicks, they might think it was a treat to peck at.
Good luck
Thank you both so much! I feel better now, hoping that is just what it is. Otherwise, he seems to be a very alert little chick. He's obviously been all over the incubator, as the eggs still in there have blood all over them!
next time instead of pulling the shell off, try misting with water to increase moisture, It should help the chick get the shell off on its own from what I've read/
No, I don't live on Sanibel, but it is one of my favorite places in the world! Have you been before?

Thanks for the tip about misting the egg. Although my husband grew up around chickens, we just started raising them last spring, and are learning more all the time. We also have 35 guineas (we hatched 34 of them), and are learning about them. We've learned what to do with a prolapsed vent, how to give shots, etc. It seems that our little family is always giving us an opportunity to learn. We love the chickens (with our new hatches, we now have 29), and spoil them and the guineas rotten. Who knew chickens could be so much fun???
I've been going to Sanibel twice a year for about the last 18 years - discovered it as a heartbroken single girl - I've been married for 10 years now - I still go - once a year with crabby husband - once a year without
- it is truly one of the best places on earth .

Congratulations on you're chicken babies. I'm starting my first group of eggs on Friday or Saturday. It's all such an adventure!

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