HELP QUICK. 70%Humidity?


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I am due to go on lockdown tonight/early tomorrow. Last night I had my hatcher hovabator setup and added humidity to it after I had gotten them temps regulated. Last check last night it was right at 66% and now today I cant get it to go below 70, right now its at 76% and 99.1 degrees. I have taken some water out but still cant get it to drop. Anything I can do to help or will the humidity be ok? THanks Landon
Hmmm, could you have spilled some of the water on the floor of the incubator? I did that last night, but I'm on lockdown, so the humidity is right where I need it. Maybe add some paper towels to try to absorb some of the humidity? Or cross your fingers, leave it alone, and let it slowly dry itself out.
Are you sure your Hygrometer is correct? I just checked mine as I just set my bator up again. One was 12 low and one was 14, I would not have known without checking them. Last year when I used them they were both only a couple low.
I have checked it and its right. Its the Accurite hygrometer and temp. and they are both correct. I did take some water out just now and wiped the bottom of the incubator and its clean. Gonna let the temp come back up some more and check in a few.
Keep in mind it is not the amount of water but the surface area that determines the humidity. I had to go all the way down to a pill bottle to keep my bator at between 40 and 45%. is there any way you can get a tube or straw in the container and suck or siphin the water out?
After I dried one of the troughs out I let it warm back up and at 99.3 I was at 73%. I then dried out the other trough as well and it went up to 77%. I am letting it run for now and let it dry out as its running before I put the eggs in. Would this be too much humidity for chicken eggs? THis is the frist time for me to hatch chickens
Yah that's high for chicken eggs, IMO it's even too high for duck eggs, I keep my duck eggs around 55% to 60%, and my chicken eggs 45% to 50%.
I was having that problem but I wasn't in "lock-down". I emptied the water out too. But it still took a couple hours for the readings to drop.

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