Help! Quick, bare minimum requirements for broody coop?


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We are fairly new to chickens (got day-olds last March). I don't know why, but I didn't consider broodiness. I think I've got a couple girls who are going broody, and have read we should have a separate coop for them. It's been close to two weeks that they've been hanging out in the nesting boxes, so we don't have time to make another coop. I've seen some of you use a watermelon crate which might be a perfect answer. Do i keep that inside the coop with the others (but separated by the crate?) We have a coop with an attached, fenced run, and then they free range just about every afternoon. How long can they stay in the watermelon crate? What suggestions do you have for separating mom and chicks from the rest of them (15 in all) without building a whole new coop?

Thanks so much for your help! I love reading all the great and practical advice on this forum! You've all been such a source of support over the last year!
I had one of my cochins go broody she was on two eggs. We just put up a barrier around some of the nest boxes. It was 2 1/2 feet high when she hatched out the chick she stayed in the box area for the first few days, then she started going into the main coop and somehow the little chick would follow her. A couple of times I had to put the little guy back in the box in the evening but now it runs with the big guys. Another one of my hens hatched out another chick so there are two fo them in the coop with the large chickens. Marshmellow (my roo) is very good with them he calls them to treats and water just like he does for the ladies. The other hens don't seem to bother with them One of the chicks Izzy gets into the other runs and goes back and forth noone in that run bothers her either. I maybe just lucky but they are doing fine mixed in with the flock.
I have no special places,, my gosh darn birds go broodie wherever they heck they feel like it! In the wheelbarrow, the gardencart, the dog house, after evicting the dog! The rabbit hutch,,,, sigh,, good luck!

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