Help quick! Can I move eggs from a slippery surface?


9 Years
Dec 30, 2010
Ocala, Florida
Broody is in a hutch and doing well with her eggs, but the shavings are on top of an aluminum liner pan and I'm sure this will be bad for chicks not being able to stand due to a lack of traction. It's only been 1 week today..what I'd like to do is put something under the shavings like a towel or paper towels. Any suggestions? First timer! Should I move them elsewhere?
Well, nerves got the best of me and I ran out with a towel. It took about a minute to slide the shavings out of the way, throw the towel down, and replace the shavings and eggs. She got right back on and seems to be unaffected. We'll see!
Haha. That's fine then. I was just worrying about the worst possible outcome. Sounds like she wasn't bothered at all...

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