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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by theha222, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. theha222

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    Nov 22, 2014
    will my duck still sit on her eggs after a few of them hatch,
    i put 6 eggs for my duck on saturday (she sat on them straight away) and i put another 6 on sunday and i put another 6 on monday but i need to know will she stay untill they hatch or will she just leave the eggs

    secondly how do i get my ducks to lay in a certiain spot i also need them to incubate their eggs and other duck`s eggs
    my ducks are laying outside instead of inside - there is a broody duck sitting near the entrance of the inside but they seem to be able to walk in and out without problems - i have also left a 15 duck eggs in a nest type of thing in the inside of the house but they still insist to lay outside i want one of the ducks to sit on those eggs.
  2. yes she will still sit on eggs that event hatched yet, but its bad for the babies that did because then they can't go get water or food, until the mom gets up, and she won't if there are still eggs incubating

    Also if a duck winces thsats she is laying on another females eggs she will
    1. push them out
    2. stop sitting on the nest completely
    3. might even eat some eggs that she senses aren't hers

    but there is also the chance that she will except the eggs, most of the time they except the eggs even though they aren't their own,i just had to tell you what could go wrong first. and it would be better to pen up the ducks laying on the nest so the eggs dint get eaten and the mom will be safe.
  3. also don't put store bought chicken eggs or any chicken eggs that aren't fertile under your duck they will spoil and turn septic and contaminate the nest making the other eggs die, see eggs have pores and these pores assist in humidity and air exchange
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    Jul 26, 2014
    Generally, ducks will wait a couple days from the time the first egg hatches, then she will get up and lead those that hatched to food and water. Normally (in the wild), those that haven't hatched by then won't hatch so it's best for all if she moves on.

    It's really not the best idea to set eggs at different times like that under one hen, though. You really want the eggs to all hatch at the same time so she can raise them for you together. Staggered hatches aren't going to work if you want your ducks to raise the ducklings themselves. She absolutely must get up and take care of the first batch that hatches, she will not go back and continue incubating the rest. Is it possible for you to put those newer eggs under different hens?
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    Sep 11, 2010
    Each hen is different. One of my muscovy girls leaves the nest about 24 hrs after the first egg hatches whether the rest have hatched or not. One thing you can do is if you have an incubator is hatch the rest in the bator and put the newly hatched babies with her at night and she should accept them, but there is a chance she won't. I have never had a hen reject eggs that weren't hers, but I have had them attack ducklings that were an odd color from the rest.

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