Help re(design) my coop !

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  1. MrGreenJeans

    MrGreenJeans In the Brooder

    Jun 10, 2008
    I began cleaning out the tool shed last night, but it's had a former life - as a coop !
    I had suspected as much (there are doors cut in the siding) but when pulling some of the ancient insulation from the walls, my suspicions were confirmed:
    Not sure what they were doing with the coffee though.

    Here's a shot from the still to be cleaned inside looking out the oddly painted windows to the east:

    Outside those very windows (note the chicken door, don't mind the compost bin, it will be moved to make room for the run):

    And speaking of the run...this is the area I was thinking of using:

    I have electricity to the shed, I might be able to get water out there (not any time soon - have to check codes and it's an 80' run from the house to boot).
    The shed is ~7' tall on the south side, sloping down to ~5' tall on the north. I put some ideas down in a sketch:

    The dotted line area would be a removable barrier for acclimating new birds to the group. I was planning on 6-8 birds, culling and reintroducing up to half of them yearly. I also thought if/when I get water available, if they were placed on the same wall, both could run off an auto filler.

    I'd appreciate any and all input ! I hope to get some time this weekend to wall off the interior and perhaps rebuild the windows.

    p.s. For the run I was considering 4' hardware cloth buried a foot (giving me 3' from the ground) then using something a little less expensive for the top. I might even bury weld wire in the run and attach it to the footings. Was hoping to be able to keep costs down, but I *know* I'll be fighting at the very least this guy:
  2. Dilly

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    Apr 15, 2008
    I love this shed and would have a ball re doing it. So much potential.

    I think the fox is gorgeous. Just not around the chickens unfortunately.

    One thing I do think you may reconsider. Roof on run should be solid if not hardware cloth. Especially being so low and with a fox already in residence.

  3. GallowayFarms

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    May 19, 2008
    I will reply more tomorrow. But looks like you are on the right track and i am going to do some sketches for you also.

    Good Luck.

  4. MrGreenJeans

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    Jun 10, 2008
    Good point Dilly - I have seen him on top of the coop before (and even the roof of the adjacent garage !) The previous owner left a large roll of chain link - I was considering using that for the roof and then laying some corrugated roofing over a good portion for shade. I don't think we have any predators in CO that can squeeze through chain link, but please advise me otherwise if I need to just bite the bullet and armor coat the whole thing [​IMG]

    My only concern about using the chain link is squirrels dropping in to raid the outdoor feeder. Would the chickens chase them off ?

    I look forward to your input GF - this is all totally new to me, but I've got the fever for sure (or is it pox?)
  5. patandchickens

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    You can run nonwinter water out to the coop really easily, just tuck a heavy duty hose down in a slit cut into your turf (firm the turf back over it and voila, all buried). Attach it to the back-of-the-house spigot at one end, and somewhere in or near the coop at the other end. If you live somewhere with freezing winters, you will have to either blow it clear for wintertime or yank it back up. Still, it can be a very useful solution.

    Is the run only going to be 3' high, total? That will be extremely obnoxious anytime you have to get in there to clean, level out holes, retrieve things, chase chickens, etc. I would HIGHLY recommend a 5' high run. Another advantage is that you would then not have to worry about reach-through. And honestly if you live where there are raccoons (i.e. most of North America) I would worry a bit about a 3' high run with a chainlink roof. Raccoons can reach through it, and if a chicken is up *on* something and thus near enough that the head can be grabbed... you know? Probably not a HUGE risk if they're only there in daytime and you have nothing in the run for them to get up on, but still. Another reason why a taller run might be good [​IMG]

    Weasels can, btw, squeeze thru chainlink with no problem, and I know they're in the Utah mountains and I bet in at least parts of CO too. Dunno about your particular neighborhood.

    Lovely little shed, I am totally jealous [​IMG]

    Have fun,

  6. MrGreenJeans

    MrGreenJeans In the Brooder

    Jun 10, 2008
    Busy work day today - no time to do any of the fun stuff [​IMG]

    I should slap myself in the head for not marking that somewhere Pat - thank you for the wake up call ! I plan using the existing roof line of the shed for the roof line of the run. So wire walls of 5' on the back, 7' on the front as well as wire on the side - ground to roof all the way around. Oh, and a wire on top as well. How else will I fit the park bench inside ? I kid...I kid...(I hope) I do realize it's only about ~250 sqft of material, but I haven't made it to the hardware store yet to price things out, so it's always nice to have a plan 'B' when I get hit by sticker shock.

    Thank you for the tip on the garden hose. I swear there's not a shovel full of dirt left in my yard that hasn't passed through my hands thanks to all my landscaping, gardening, and irrigation projects. I was REALLY not looking forward to running another length of pvc, but I think a garden hose will get me through the summer just fine. Winter is still up in the air, but I've got some time and I have seen some great cistern type ideas on this site. Now if I could just rig that with heat and filtration...........
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