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9 Years
Apr 15, 2010
I'll start from the beginning, and I'll try not to ramble on and on.

One day, I bought four chicks from my local feed store. Two were supposed to be white Plymouth rocks and two were supposed to be Buff Wyandottes. The two White Rocks turned out okay. The 'Buff Wyandottes' turned out to be two Amber-links. Even worse, they grew up to be roosters.

Now I have to rehome them, and I don't know the best way to do it. If they don't get rehomed, then my Mum and I are afraid we'll have to have him for dinner. Mum and I have a problem with that, because these boys were once loving pets, but then they grew up to be agressive roosters. You can't eat a pet, it just seems wrong! One is worse than the other, and I'm still miffed at him because he bit my sister yesterday.

So, what should I do???
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I forgot to say, I already did that.

Nobody has made any offers or calls yet, and my rooster is already starting to crow. (I have close neighbors!)
If you can bring yourself to do it, eat them. I think is kinder to send them off quickly at home by your hand than a stranger's, but I know it's hard to decide to do that. Good luck with whatever you decide. If they are aggressive, you also should tell the potential new don't want to be responsible for injuries.

A sad part of chicken owning. We dispatched a rooster this weekend.
They were $2 each. I really don't think that's a lot, because most roosters I've sen are usually $10-20.

I suppose I can lower it again, and offer them for free.
Any more suggestions, anyone?

I'm going to make the price free, but I still haven't gotten any calls or e-mails yet. The older one is still practicing his crowing.
Do you have a thread on BYC for your area? Lots of the AZ people trade or re-home roos just by asking their BYC "neighbors".

On the other hand--sometimes it is better to soup-pot a roo rather than send it off to a questionable new home--like one from CL. I feel bad processing my roos, but I like knowing my food has been raised well, treated humanely, and spoiled rotten right up to their last day.
Gosh, that's such a hard decision. I'll try to be open, though...

Well, is there a way I can get to know who he's going to? I want to say I tried everything, before deciding to kill him (if I do).
This happened to me, but instead of 4 layers I ended up with 2 layers, a cornish cross, and a rooster. I am also concerned because he is aggressive and i raised him so there is that pet connection. I currently keep him in a large dog creight and let him out when i am home and the girls are fenced in their area cause he is too stressful for them.

Good luck:\\

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