HELP!!! Roundworms? What should I treat them with?


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Sep 26, 2011
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I did make a board about this a few weeks ago but when I saw something like this after getting answers I talked to the guy at the hatchery I get my chickens from about worming and he said not to worry about it. Yesterday I found a 2-3 inch long pale "worm" in poop so I want to worm them. The last one I found was only a inch long or smaller and I thought it was a fly maggot but this one was inside the coop and way bigger. I couldnt get a picture of it because it was at night and I freaked out and threw it somewhere with a stick but I think it was a roundworm. What should I treat them with for roundworms?
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I found that my local TSC has Wazine 17 and the description says it treats roundworms so I think i'll buy that but can anyone confirm that's what they have and I should worm them because they are acting perfectly healthy and I dont want to treat them if I dont have to.

Also, The guy at the hatchery also said they can only get worms from blowflies. Is that true? Would planting grass in the run help with keeping flies away?
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Please help. I just need an answer to my last post

I found a picture of roundworms and the one I found last night looked just like these

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I just recently treated my chickens for roundworms (looks like the worms in your photo) I used the Wazine 17. My chickens were also acting normal and appeared healthy but knew the worms could really make them sick quickly.
This is my first experience with worms so I'm not much help....sorry
Yep wazine or valbazen... Valbazen seems to be the favorite around here. I also use natural methods for worm resistance. garlic, onions and red pepper.
I do want to mention: for 2 days after the Wazine I seen more worms in their poop (guess, they are suppose to expel them) but now their poop looks great.
I am still researching the worm issue but guess they need to be re-wormed (not sure if with the Wazine again or a different type of medicaiton) and what time frame?????
You need to reworm in 10 days if you used the Wazine. I think with Valbazen you only have to dose once. I use Safeguard paste or Panacur (both horse wormers and come in paste form. Some people like the goat Safeguard because its liquid but it costs more) I individually dose each bird with the paste and give the once over for condition and other parasites. So i dont mind giving each bird a dose. If you use either of the pastes its a pea size amount and a little smaller for bantams.

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