Help sexing Peachick?


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Aug 6, 2013
I just got a peachick! Hes about 2 weeks old and I hope it is a Peacock (male)! If anyone knows how to sex them based on their wing colors or what it was I may have heard please do!
I hope you can help me out! :) Pictures of him attached.

Also can you guys recommend me to a picture of what he will look like when full grown? I'm new to peafowl but I know the dad is brown/white and the mother is white. He just has more white then what I see on photos I find on Google and there is different shades of brown or types of peafowl

So the father's neck is brown? If the father's neck is brown and you said he also has white on him, he could be a cameo pied or a peach pied peacock. OOps just realized cameo and peach are sex linked colors...So I am not sure exactly what the chick would be...If I am thinking correctly, you would only get a cameo or peach from this breeding if the offspring was a female...So maybe you have a male peachick since it doesn't look like a cameo or peach color? Some other people should be able to answer correctly...

If your peachick is a peacock, he could look like this as an adult:

If you can get better photos of the wings in some brighter light, that would help. When sexing young peachicks you normally look at the wing feathers. Peacocks will have barring on their wing feathers, and peahens will not. Although when they are very young males and females will have wing barring so yours might still be a little young to know for sure, but if the barring on the colored wing feathers goes away rather than becoming more prominent, that means you have a peahen.

That peachick has a ton of white on it. I am wondering if this would be called a loud pied? Someone should be able to tell you even more.

To figure out what the father is I would google Cameo pied peacock, and peach pied peacock. I am going to guess if the peacock was brown, then he is probably a cameo pied.
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So its possible he may still have blue markings to him? My mother is hoping for blue feathers if a male, since she loves the coloring and wants feathers for crafting! I think the dad was Cameo but he was a bit hard to see while at the farm. Peach seems a bit too light in color but our chick does have multiple shades of brown to him with the darkest being on his back before his neck (or near his neckline?)
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Also at this time of year peafowl will be getting new feathers, so the old feathers will look lighter colored compared to new feathers that will look darker coming in. That might be what you saw.

I think that if it is a male, it would definitely have the blue neck feathers and he would be an India blue pied split to cameo. Peahen neck feathers can be used nicely for crafts too, but the peacock neck feathers certainly work better. I have used them on a mask I made with great looking results. Also, the herl on peacock train feathers (the very thin whispy parts of the long feathers) are very popular in crafts. You can get all sorts of feathers from peafowl but I of course prefer using peacock feathers than peahen feathers. If you can find them, you can even use the crest feathers on the head. I have yet to use them for something, but I am sure you could make neat things with them.

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