Help! Shrinkwrapped baby!


12 Years
Nov 16, 2007
Southern Indiana
The one egg that has pipped has a problem. I shone a flashlight through the little hole, and the membrane looks really tight against the chick. What do I do??
How is the humidity? You didn't open the bator did you? Keep the humidity up and let nature do it's work. If it really is stuck and the membrane is dry, and it's been at least 24 hours post pip, you can look though the sticky at the top of this section on asisted hatches.
Humidity is at about 60. I only opened the bator to put more water in( Was at 50). I can see into the pip hole through the window.
It was another egg. Chick one is still half in half out and looking tired. Chick 2 busted out like "get me the #### outta here!"
How long has it been since the first egg pipped?

Just over 24 hours. The top half of the shell is gone, and she's lying with her top half out of the shell, and her bottom half in it. Still breathing, just very tired looking.
Whoa!!! I'm sure you mean well Poulets, but give badhbh the benefit of the doubt. I didn't see where he/she said they opened the bator to shine the light in. Seems like we "eat our young" sometimes here on BYC.

Bad...the chick is probably very tired. Just give it some time. It will get it's second wind and get up and out of that shell soon. Sometimes it takes them several hours.
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