Help! Sick baby chick


Nov 20, 2018
Two days ago I purchased 4 chicks from my local feed store. Currently they are 1 week old. I got home from work yesterday and one of my olive eggers chicks is not well. Symptoms: breathing heavily with mouth open, eyes closed, very lethargic, off balance.

I started them off with electrolyte powder in their water and non medicated starter. They have addiquate heat with enough room to move away from the heat & pine shavings.

As of now she is the only one with symptoms. I have not separated them. I've added probiotic powder to the water and a small amount of VetRx. I've been able to keep her hydrated with a dropper but she's not eating. Her symptoms don't seem to be improving.

Has anyone dealt with this before? Any advive is greatly appreciated!


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Offer water to it’s beak every few minutes in case it is dehydrated. Has there been any pasty butt or poop stuck on it’s vent? I hope your chick gets better, but they can suffer from shipping stress and dehydration. Use a thermometer on the floor in the warmest spot, and keep it at 90 degrees for the first week. Make sure they can get to a cooler spot if they are too hot. I hope it makes it.
Was the chick initially able to eat/drink on it's own?
I'm sure you have, but look inside it's beak just to make sure there is nothing stuck.

With symptoms like that in a little one, unfortunately, they either improve or they continue to fail. It sounds like you are doing what you can for her.
You can try syringing a little of wet soupy feed, but if she's in respiratory distress, I would worry she would aspirate liquids into her airways.
On day one she was fine. Running aroumd, eating and drinking like the others. No pasty but. Her stool is a little runny but I assume it's because I'm giving her more water than anything else. No bubbles around the beak.
Her condition worsened throughout the day, despite my efforts and she didn't make it. Luckily the others seem healty as can be. Thanks you for the suggestions, hopefully they will help someone else

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