help sick babys...


8 Years
Dec 10, 2011
I am new to this.. I have 4 3 month old americanas and had to rehome a 1 year old rir tonight the guys that came over said that my babys sound real bad like they has a bad cold.. what can I do to help them... They told me one looks like it wont make it....
What info would be needed? the guys said they sound like they have a bad cold... they sound like they have mukis in there nose one has some coming out.. there is a small one that hasnt grown very much... 2 are very active and 1 is not some much and one.. doesnt even try to move when you go to grab it....
Do you live near a state operated poultry lab. I would recommend being in touch with them to see if one of the birds could be seen by them to get a definitive diagnosis. It could be CRD - Chronic Respiratory Disease, it could be the result of mouldy food. There are other things it could be.....

Hope this was helpful and have a blessed day! Nancy

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