Help! Sick Black Giant - unable to move, except floppy neck/head


11 Years
Apr 17, 2008

I found my Black Giant on the dropping board, not moving except for her head/neck. She was moving around just fine when I closed the birds up last night, though. She's completely limp, but for her head which she keeps trying to turn up (backwards.) The only other thing I've noticed with her is that her back feathers right above her tail have been dull and some have been breaking for a little while now. I assumed that was a molting thing? I moved her to some softer bedding, but she's not able to stand. I will try to give her some water, and see if I can make her comfortable. Any ideas?

I would not waste any time and get started with a molasses flush in case it is poisoning. Then consider putting her on a vitamin supplement! Best of luck

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