Help sick chick!


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
This is my first time raising chickens. I got four chicks six weeks ago. Two silver laced wyandottes, one australorp and one Americauna. They have been healthy and growing like crazy. Then a week and a half ago I got three chicks. A White Wyandotte, speckled sussex, and Golden sex link. They all looked and acted healthy then a couple days later the wyandotte's left eye started watering and the next morning it was a little crusty. I thought that maybe she got something in her eye or one of the other girls pecked her. So I cleaned it with warm water and put a little neosporin around it. The next day it looked a little better and didn't seem to be watering any more. The day after that it started watering again so for about a week I have been cleaning it out. Now this whole time she has been eating and drinking and hasn't acted sick. She also can still see out of the eye. It looks like she has been wiping her eye on the top of her wing. Yesterday it looks to be a little puffy and I noticed that all three of the little girls have started to sneeze. Everyone still acts healthy but now I am starting to suspect that it is infectious bronchitis. I am super worried and am not sure what to do. I had the big girls in one brooder and the babies separate in another but the brooders were next to each other. Yesterday the big girls were moved out to the coop.

So my questions are do you think its bronchitis, or some kind if eye problem? If it is what can I do about it? I researched last
night and saw different people say to use sodium salicylate 1gm/liter, terramycin, duramycin or tylan for bronchitis. Also if the little ones do make it though is it safe to put them with the big girls once they are healthy? I was reading up on infectious bronchitis and it sounds like since its highly contagious that the big girls have most likely already been exposed to it.


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