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Discussion in 'Quail' started by LauraMusardo, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. LauraMusardo

    LauraMusardo Hatching

    Jan 7, 2017
    I have now 10 button quails in total but this one is the first one I've gotten.

    She is a female and is around one year old. She has laid lots of eggs last year in October and November and in mid November 4 of the eggs have hatched.

    Right now it looks like she is panting and is puffed up with her eyes closed. She has been looking tired lately but today she has gotten worse. Yesterday she was eating and drinking fine but I don't think she has eaten or drunk any water today.

    Every time she poops it comes out all runny and white and it's not usually like that.

    Her stomach is very squishy unlike all the other times where it feels slim like all the rest of her family.

    I don't know what to do. Someone please help me save my baby [​IMG]

  2. LauraMusardo

    LauraMusardo Hatching

    Jan 7, 2017
    I've also noticed lots or most of her tail feathers are gone and she has her white poop smeared on some of the feathers that are still there.

    I know that Puffy (my quail) had been drinking this morning because before I moved her she was sitting at the water bowl.
  3. Feather Hearts

    Feather Hearts Songster

    Oct 4, 2016
    Northland, New Zealand
    Does she have a calcium source? If she has been laying eggs recently she will need it. Try holding her and putting a drop of water on her beak with a syringe. Also try wetting the food and dabbing it on her beak.
  4. Binki

    Binki Songster

    Jul 9, 2015
    Ontario, Canada
    I'm sorry, I don't have experience with this personally but I'll try,

    How long has she been like this?
    Has she had any new treats?
    Any particularly ripe treats?

    You should seperate her in case it's contagious/if the other birds are the cause of her losing her back feathers.

    Do you think she may have a sour crop or a yeast infection in her vent? Google those and see if there are similarities,

    Also try posting on the "Emergency/Diseases" forum - likely some people there will have more info!! Good luck
  5. DK newbie

    DK newbie Songster

    Apr 20, 2015
    Could she be egg bound? Usually you'd be able to feel the egg below her vent, but as you mention her stomach being 'squishy' I suppose she could have a shell less egg in there that she can't get out?
  6. LauraMusardo

    LauraMusardo Hatching

    Jan 7, 2017
    Thank you everyone for commenting on how to help but sadly Puffy passed away earlier.

    I'm still not sure how she died but I'm just glad she's not suffering anymore [​IMG][​IMG]
  7. TwoCrows

    TwoCrows Show me the way old friend Staff Member

    Mar 21, 2011
    New Mexico, USA
    My Coop
    I am so sorry you lost her, it is never easy to see them pass. [​IMG] I hope your heavy heart heals soon.

    Sounds like she was egg bound. Make sure to offer up ground oystershell for your layers to help prevent any future egg binding. Keep several places to get a drink as dehydration will cause egg binding.

    I am so sorry. [​IMG]

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