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May 24, 2012
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Hi I have a very sick quail called monopoly and is a silver male he flew out of the cage and my cat grabbed her she seems not to have any external injures apart from a sore legwhich he is dealing with he is always closing his eyes and is all fluffed up I have seen her eat a little bit and has been drinking but most of the time he just staying in the box settler he is very special to me will he be okay please help
Hi I can tell he means a lot to you, I don't have much experience but when I worked at a vets years ago we did the same for all birds after an attack, keep them warm with a microwave bean bag in the cage small enough that they can sit by it/ on it but also get off it if too warm and keep them calm, if he wants to stay in the box I'd let him, pipette water just a couple of drops every couple hours if he not drinking and make sure he has food and water close by. They often die from the stress so it's best not to cause any more and just leave him to relax. I'm no expert I'm afraid and hope someone else will comment here, best of luck
I'm so sorry to hear that :( you must be heart broken I so wish I could have been of more help. I was devastated when my cockiteil died last year and my heart goes out to you so sorry. Xxx

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