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    Feb 11, 2013
    One of my hens, Mildred, is very sick:( A few weeks ago we noticed her running around like a maniac all day and this lasted for a few weeks. Then, a few days ago, she walked outside and layed down and remained in this spot until the end of the day when the rest of the chickens perched for bedtime. She is very lethargic and her comb has fallen over. She attempts to walk but uses her wings and is almost walking too upright? She can only take a few steps without falling down. She wont get up to eat or drink but when i place the water in front of her she drinks. I have been feeding her treats(mealworms, yogurt, bread, anything she will eat). She is barely eating at all and her stool is a clear liquid with white. her belly looks swollen and distended. These appear to be classic symptoms for being eggbound? We cant see an egg in her vent or feel it. I feel something in ber belly that might be an egg but im not sure. I have been bathing her in epsom salt and rubbing her belly. She is eating less today. We have a vet appointment on wednesday. Is there anything else we can do? Any ideas as to what it could be? Please help me this is my baby:( shes 3 and 1/2

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    i agree it sounds like she is egg bound. Very upright walking is a strong indicator. I would soak her in a bath. I usually only fill the bath high enough to just touch their stomach but it seems to relax them a lot and can stimulate laying. I'd leave her in the bath for as long as she wants to be in there. I'd also crush up a tums and dissolve it in water and try to get her to drink that. The calcium can help them to pass the egg as well,

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