help!!!!!! sick rooster

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9 Years
Jun 27, 2010
i have a rooster that wants to stand around kinda bowed up with his tail lifted, he still eats & drinks & crows, his poop is runny, i can tell cause i can see it on his feathers back there, been like this for 2 days but dont seem to be getting any worse, anybody have any idea whats going on?
anybody got any idea whats going on with my rooster, dont need to loose him, only one of this breed i have got, give me some pointers please.
have you picked him up and given him a good exam? Look for lice eggs or lice themselves, look for reddened skin, injuries or wounds. How does his weight feel?

How old is he?

I am wondering about Cocci - have no experience with it thou.
With roos who suddenly start acting sick and lethargic, my first suspicion is always the crop. If something has blocked up his crop, it will make it much harder for him to get nutrition, and he will be very tired. This could also result in runny poo because he's probably drinking more than he's eating in an effort to get his crop cleared out.

If you think this might be the case, i would isolate him for about 12 hours, with no food, only water. Feel his crop before and after, and compare its size. If his crop is full when you start, you should expect it to be empty when after 12 hours with no food. If it's still full, or half full, then you know he's having a problem. If his crop is already empty, you might be able to feel around and find a blockage in there. Try massaging it.

I have some good links to instructions to help out impacted crop, if you decide that's what the problem is.
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