Help... Sick Turkey tom

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Jul 15, 2017
Our 3-4 year old tom, Reno, has been under the weather for going on 3 days now. Day 1 : I notice he wasn't strutting around, gobbling or showing off for his girls. He was pretty much just laying around or standing with his tail down, looking depressed. He does seem to have a very slight issue with his balance. It was a rainy, crappy day so we figured we'd see how he was the next day as I was able to get him to eat some scrambled eggs and I saw him drinking water.
Day 2: Still not better. I found a pile of poo in the turkey pen that had a couple of round worms In it, I'm not sure if it's his or from one of our turkey hens but we dewormed them all with safeguard. He spent most of the day laying in the turkey nesting box. Later in the day he seemed to be drinking more water and ate more scrambled eggs and a little turkey food. We also dusted them all last night with poultry dust as I did see a couple of lice on him. Day 3 : Today he still not feeling well, he walked around for a bit and pooped which was very watery, then went to lay down in the turkey nesting box.
I am hoping someone may have ideas on what else I can do to help him or ideas of what we may be dealing with.


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He weighs around 30lbs. and I gave him 6.9 cc of the safeguard.
Well that should treat large roundworms and cecal worms, but will not treat capillary worms. I think if he were mine I would de-worm him 5 days in a row. Do you have a scale you can weigh him on? And can you start weighing him daily? Also, is he a pet or do you plan on butchering him?

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Jul 15, 2017
I'll go out shortly and try to weigh him with the bathroom scale. We have metronidazole, tylan 50 (I think it expired in 2018), penicillin g and valbazen and safeguard dewormers.

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