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    Jan 24, 2015
    hello a couple weeks back i posted about my young hen (who has turned out to be a rooster ) and how she had a weird foot. it seemed broken but there was no visible brake. Now his foot is better but he still wobbles when he walks but also i noticed that he has started shaking a lot, and he's aggressive with on of my other hens.
    could this be mereks???
  2. rebrascora

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    Feb 14, 2014
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    Simple answer is "yes" it could be Mareks disease but the aggression is most likely juvenile male hormones and perhaps an unsubmissive hen.

    I've had cockerels recover from Marek's lameness and not have a relapse but pullets almost always get secondary attacks if I can nurse them through the first one. Stress is a major trigger with Marek's so if your rooster does have Mareks (and therefore your whole flock has been exposed to it) and he is pestering/showing aggression to other hens (juvenile pullets are particularly vulnerable to Marek's) his unwanted attention may trigger it in them. This was one of the key factors in my first outbreak. Keeping a happy, stress free flock is the best way to reduce outbreaks of it.

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