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    I recently moved my chickens from my ex's to my mothers back yard since I can't have them in my new apartment. I have a secure run for them, covered with a tarp for the time being, and they are free ranged for a large part of the day. Dad says I can move the run next to the shed and cut a hole in the side of it to make a roosting area for them before winter. I'm guessing the area I can use is about 8x8.

    So, I need ideas on how to begin building this. Does anyone have pictures they can share of a section of a barn or shed being turned into a coop area? I am a visual person, and need to see it before I can begin. Thanks for any ideas!

    (PS: Just to clarify. I'm a 43 year old experienced chicken hoarder (I mean herder!) looking for advice, not a young first time chicken owner)
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    Why not take a look at the COOP section of BYC? You should see a lot of examples there.
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    Can you post a pic of the inside of the shed and measure it accurately? I'm a visual person too and it's hard to make specific suggestions without seeing what you have to start with.

    Basically you'll probably want to build a wall(s) and ceiling covered with plywood or wire mesh to separate the rest of the shed from the 'coop'. How tight of mesh you'll need depends on how secure the shed is against predators.

    Since you know the basics of nest and roost sizes, fit them in where they'll function best.

    What is the shed made of?
    Is there adequate ventilation in the shed?
    Does your Dad know how dusty chickens can make his whole shed if you don't build solid walls?

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