Help!! Something is wrong with my chick!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by confectionchicks, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. confectionchicks

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    May 5, 2010
    I had a broody hen that hatched two chicks, but she is showing favoritism to one, and pecking on another. so I brought the pecked on one inside because he wasn't walking... he sits on his hocks and won't walk... what can I do for this? this happens to be a very good arucauna that I want to save really badly... I can pick him up in my hand and dip his beak in water, and he"ll drink that way.. but that's it. I have him under a heat lamp, and he is chirping occaisionally, but that"s all he's doing [​IMG]
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    First off - Welcome to BYC
    How old is the chick?
    Hens will sometimes do this if there is a problem with the chick to start with. It is kind of survival of the fitest. The hen will sometimes kill inferior chicks. It would be best if you can also get the other chick from the hen so as to keep the little one company. The hen will be mad for a day or so but she will ge over it. Keep them warm - about 95 degrees - with a heat lamp. We use a flood light bulb as it is cheaper to run but does the same thing. It is most likely weak and dehydrated from the hen picking on it. Keep making it drink and spread a bit of chick crumble around on the floor of their brooder area. A chick can go 3 days without eating when it is first born. Water is more important. You can add a bit of sugar to the water to make it more appealing to them. Depending on it's age, sitting on it's hocks is not too unusual especially if it is weak. Keep working with it to get it to walk. The other chick will also help with this. A day or so of rest and the chick should be up and walking.
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    hmmm, I don't know if I would seperate the chick from the hen. However, I do like a hen and chicks. But if the sick chick dies, then you have a perfectly healthy chick, that was with his mother, now all alone, and often the mother won't take them back. If the sick chick rallies, and gets stronger, pretty quickly, you might get by with slipping him under his mother at night, and she might take him back.

    I would hate to jepordize the healthy vigorous chick, for the sick chick to have a playmate.

    just my 2 cents Mrs.K
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    May 5, 2010
    Well, I just now saw these suggestions... Thank you so very much... But what I did, was separate the chick, give it water and food, and a lamp. I got him to drink by dipping his beak into the water, and put a sparkly bracelet in the food. As soon as he could walk, I put him back with mama... He is doing great now [​IMG]
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    As I was reading this I dreaded the ending so you've made my day. So happy things are going well for your two chicks. [​IMG]

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