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Mar 30, 2014
So I recived my shipment of fluff yesterday. For those of you that haven't seen my posts about my chicky momma adventure I'll give a quick run down.

USPS put my chicks on the wrong truck at the shrewsbury hub and my lil ones got sent 3 towns away so they were in travel longer then they should have :-(

Then my light brahma took a turn for the worse and I was up all night giving her dropper fills of her electrolyte/vit water. By morning she seemed much better but still vet wabbly and tippy.

Well I think I figured out why.... Something is wrong with her leg/foot she can hardly walk on it :-( can she survive with a hurt leg like this. She spends most if her time laying down unless she is hungry or thirsty and u can see in the second pick she holds it up.

It appears to be straight at least. She also appears to be holding it up when she is laying down (she is leaning to her left a little). She may have gotten injured in transit. How many others was she traveling with? I'm wondering if she has a splinter in her foot? She doesn't appear to have a problem with a joint or it would not be straight when she holds it up. I'm wondering too, what is the red at the very bottom of the picture, on the table, it isn't from her is it?

If you hold her in your hand, pay attention to the temperature of her left foot (the good one) and then pay attention to the temperature of her right foot. Is there a difference?

Feel the hock joints (elbow joints) of both legs for temperature differences and possibly any swelling.

Then try to find the joint above that (it functions like a knee) and is higher and very close to the body. Temperature differences?

Does she set the foot down when she walks or does she hop?

If you find any hot spots (inflammation) you can sprinkle a little turmeric in her food or if you have any frozen blueberries you can cut a very small one into tiny pieces with a very sharp knife or razor blade. Turmeric and blueberries are both high in natural aspirin and will help her while she heals. She may just need to rest. If you can keep some sort of divider between her and the other chicks where she can be by the heat and have food and drink for a day or two it will help. If there is another chick that is not rambunctious, you can put that one in with her for company so she doesn't cry too much.

Also, this would be considered "stress" for her. Perhaps, if you have some plain yogurt (no sugar or fruit) you can mix a little bit in her water so she gets those benefits to help in a stressful situation. She really doesn't seem like this is a problem with a joint or in other words, permanent. I think she just needs time to rest from her trip and start getting around on her own without being run over by the rambunctious ones.

Let me know and I'll try to provide further assistance if needed.
Thank you do much for responding.
I did a wick assment begor I had to leave for work.
It does feel as throw her hock area is warmer. I didn't notice a big difference in temp on her foot or knee. I don't see any swelling.
I have her in a plastic wash basin in the cage with the others she doesn't see m to care about being alone she just lays down all day anyway. She does out weight on it. She hobbles. And then when she is done walking she will hold it up while she stands there. What is turmeric? Where can I find it? CVS?and how do I give it to her?
A very tiny pinch. The flavor is very strong and they don't really like it much. In my opinion, blueberries are better because once they first try them, they like them and will eat them.

If she puts it down to walk and hobbles, she will likely recover to where she can use it without limping. Did you check the bottom of her foot for splinter/injury? It may just take a little time. When she seems stronger and more energetic, I would get her back in with the other chicks as the longer she's out, the more likely she is to be a novelty to the others when she comes back.

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