Help!! Sour crop!!

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    Aug 10, 2015
    Hi friends! I'm saddened to say my beautiful speckled Sussex has sour crop. I noticed it two days ago when I went to pick her up. Her crop was huge like a water ballon, it's super squishy and her breath just smells horrible. I put her on acv water and have drained her crop but everytime I drain it, it just seems to fill right back up again. I've done the no food for 24 hours
    And still nothing seems to drain on its on. I'm considering doing the monistate Antifungal cream but I'm unsure if it's safe? Please any advice on what or how I should take care of my Sussex? Thank you!!!!
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    When you drained the crop was it brown and nasty looking? Draining the gross stuff out by vomiting them carefully (they can choke to death very easily if not done properly) and then tube feeding clear liquid with electrolytes and some plain yogurt is how mine got better. I'm not convinced that antifungal cream or suppositories will be useful given orally, but I can't say they won't. Water, probiotics, and ACV seem to be good to give. Here are some good links to help you decide how to treat this:
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