HELP! Strange Egg Problem!


6 Years
Sep 21, 2014
My hen, a Brown Leghorn, 2 years old, laid an egg and today I go to pick the eggs my 3 hens laid. The egg that my Brown Leghorn laid has a hole in it and I wanted to crack it, but is too hard, so is not a calcium problem. When I finally cracked the egg, it was empty, stinky, and the yolk is a dry molt. (My grammar is bad... Sorry.) I've check the Common Egg Quality Problems page on BackYard Chickens, but none of them match (some are very similar) my problem. If anyone can help, thanks a lot! I'm just hoping is not any diseases, virus, or infections because she doesn't look lethargy.

I am not an expert but I think I read somewhere that fungus can get into eggs. I hope someone more experienced will give you the answer.

watch your hen if she has any symptoms.
It's okay if your not an expert. I'm not an expert also. But question is, how did the fungus gets into the egg? I'm not defending your answer but like... This is a tough one to answer about.
some fungus infection that can get into the egg. sorry I don't remember what infection it is about. check her vent, one of the symptoms is dirty vent.
I don't have a vet for any of my pets or even been to an avian vet. I don't know any good vets here in Idaho. But I've found other posts about molds or mildew inside egg on I'm gonna keep researching.
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Is there any way the egg could have been cracked open and hidden for awhile after it was laid? Bacteria can get into eggs, such as pseudomonas, E.coli, salmonella,  and stapylococcus. That can cause a green or black material inside the egg. Does she lay every day? Here is some reading:
I like your possibly on that but unfortunately, no. The egg was laid today and it was laid on soft wood shavings. And even if it could've been crack in another way, I tried to crack it open but it was hard to so... I'm thinking it could be a calcium dissolving bacteria, if there is a thing. She lay eggs not everyday but like every other day like what a normal chicken would lay. She lays like, I think 5 times a week and then stop.
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