help! stuck chick?


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Jul 14, 2020
we have a chick that has been in the incubator for about 22 days. it has been trying to hatch for 24-26 hours. I'm not sure if it is stuck or not completely ready to come out. it has to holes in it and doesn't seem to be moving from the Second hole. it has been chirping though. what should I do?


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It's fine keep me posted do not attempt to assist. It can still be absorbing the yolk. As long as the beak is sticking out it can breathe it's fine.
Hold on let me get somebody to help you okay do not try to assist yet I will get somebody who has more knowledge.
I'm sorry do you mind taking another photo of the two holes and the foot and the beak. It's a little hard to see.
It really looks good to me. Most of the time they take rests in between cuz it takes a lot out of them to pip and trying to zip so I called someone who's has more experienced and they should get back to you. But right now do not assist or appeal anything away.
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