Help! The area around the right side of my chickens eye is swollen, and the left side is starting to

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    Mar 11, 2014
    I noticed 8 days ago, that my 2.5 year sold golden laced bantam hen, had a swollen area around her eye and on her eyelids. It grew to at least twice the size since 8 days ago. Today, the other side is starting to get swollen, and like the other eye, bubbles are appearing on her eye. I could not see any wound near her eye, even after rinsing her eye with water since 5 days ago, for several minutes. She doesn't show any other symptoms, like coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing, nasal discharge. She lives in a cage for at least 3 months, since I did a surgery on her to take out the broken egg inside of her. Birds can only come in contact with her, as close as on the edge of the cage. So far, my other chickens even the free range chickens are not having any symptoms as her. She can still eat on her own, and she can still the same amount of food as I gave her when she appears healthy.
  2. O no!
    Can we have a pic of both her eyes?

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