Help, there's got to be some enablers in my area!

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  1. My hatching of shipped eggs hasn't been going really well and I am hopeful there's some folks out and about in our state that may have some of what I am trying to hatch...

    I ordered 2 shipments of D'uccles eggs and the first batch I got 3 of twelve to hatch. All roos!

    I have another ordered 12 hatching and it looks like 2 healthy ones and one that isn't going to make it...I am sure in need of chicks in these. I've got a blue mottled roo, some kind of lavender and blue mottled and a black roo chick...I have a blue and splash in what has just hatched! Help, where can these cuties be located.

    I have several colors in bantam cochin chicks....I did just hatch 18 eggsfrom a breeder that were to be of the mill fleur variety--- but only 3 hatched...I sure would like more MF's, I am trying to hatch lemon am open to others colors as well. I have blue frizzled, silver laced, red, calico chicks so far...Could trade some of these as well...

    I would be interested in getting stock from someone that has good type on their birds...I am open to eggs and started birds...As long as they don't have to be sent through the mail--ha!

    I have blue/splash langshan chicks I could also trade some as I have 12 of those started and doing well...they eat from my hand!

    I wouldn't mind LF cochins either! Love splash, blue, lemon blue, partridge...
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  2. Hi Guys,
    Have to say for a bunch of enablers, no one has responded to either one of my posts looking for chickens? Can say I am surprised. There has to be bantam cochin breeders in this state? Also LF?
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    Try posting this in the Oklahoma thread rather than just in the Where am I forum.

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