Help They Are Not Laying Anymore!!!


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Ok so I have a mixed flock of chickens from silkies to EE and Phoenix and many more . A total of 24 hens that were laying on average day about 12 eggs a day due to the 100 degree heat. Then it started cooling of and I got 16 to 18 eggs a day. Now I also have 25 barred rock babies that were suppose to be all hens but I ended up with two roosters. So when the roosters were four months old I decided to put them in with the big girls and give the little ones a chance to grow before dealing with the boys. Here is the problem : Even though the older girls and the roosters get along great I am now only getting 10 to 8 eggs. Today only 4. Help I have a very good egg selling business and was not counting on the drop of production. It has been getting cooler here at night around the lower 50 and during the day around 80 to 86. So really the only change is the roosters I will get rid of the if I need to but was hopeing not to they are actually nice ones. Please help.
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the sun goes up at 7:30 and down at 6;45 ish so no I guess not . HOw do I do that just put lights on a timer?
Yes a simple outdoor timer like you would use for Christmas lights will work. We have ours set to run from 5am to 7pm (central time). A 60 watt bulb or florescent equivalent will be enough light.
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Wouldn't that be kind of a waste? Since the sun is up there and light from 7ish to 7ish?

I was thinking on this for ours, come closer to winter, but I thought I'd be okay just setting it for 1-2hours before/during sunrise then off and use regular daylight and sunset... would that work... on non-cloudy days at least?
Yes you could set the timer to come on for 2 to 3 hours in the morning and another 2 to 3 in the evening if the timer will allow you to do this. We just live ours on all day as we have larger coops that can be some what dark even during the day.
Is the light in the coop or outside? and does this mean the roosters are not the problem?
Inside the coop. Get a simple brooder or heat lamp reflector from your hardware store and hang it from the rafters in a place the chickens can't hit it. I don't think the rosters are your problem. This time of the year we start loosing daylight hours quickly.

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