Help!! They hatched way early!!


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Apr 16, 2015
My chicks hatched on day 17!! There are three chicks. Two are doing great but I'm a little concerned about one of them. It's laying there panting and won't get up. I brought it inside because it's almost 100 outside and I thought it might be too hot. There are 7 more eggs under my broody's. One is pipped and the others look fine. What do I do now? I thought I had another week to prepare.
No experience with hatching, others will be replying soon. The one that you took in, assuming the yolk sac got fully absorbed? Has it improved in the house? How is it doing? Not sure if getting some electrolytes into it would help, will be keeping my fingers crossed someone answers with help soon. Try checking out the Forum on Emergencies, Disease, Inguries & Cures....You may find something there. Good luck
They are all three inside but under a heat lamp. It seems to be doing better now. It's not panting anymore at least. They are all sleeping I'm sure they are exhausted. Now I'm worried about the one that has pipped and hasn't moved since then. How long should I wait for that one to come out of its shell?
Don't get concerned about the pipped one until 24 hours has passed... I generally won't assist (beyond possibly opening up the hole a bit) until 36 hours has passed...

Ok thanks! This is my first time hatching chicks and it caught me off guard when they started hatching today. They were supposed to have at least 4 more days.
I decided to take the babies away as they hatch so that the momma hems don't abandon the eggs that are left. Is that ok? Or should I do this differently? Them hatching four days early has thrown me way off. I wasn't planning on taking the chicks away from the momma at all.

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