Help! Third day of hatching and membranes are drying on chicks!


13 Years
Jun 18, 2010
My crappy incubator "little giant", brand new btw, isnt keeping the humidity at an acceptable level even with sponges.
The membranes are drying onto the chicks and they can't break free. I have already helped two break free by gently breaking the shells open and wetting the membranes.
More have pipped, but haven't hatched and I suspect it's because of the low humidity,
what can I do?
I have read that you can put a damp paper towel on the eggs to help soften the membrane if it has dried out. I have never done this myself so I am hoping that someone will chime in to confirm this or with other ideas.
I put in a sopping wet washcloth (warm water) when mine were hatching out of my little giant. I had a 75% hatch rate, which I thought was great.
I use a bran new kitchen sponge ..pre rinsed fill with warm water and place in incubator off to the side away from the fan.
Works every time!

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