HELP this critter was in my chicken's crop


Aug 15, 2019
South Carolina
Ethel is 11 and has been feeling really lethargic and not eating for a couple of weeks. Her crop was really swollen and very soft this morning. I massaged it for less than a minute and all this water and several of these creatures came up.

Are these crop worms ? What do I treat these with ?

Her breathing is OK and she does drink water from our indoor pet water fountain.

She has not eaten any pellets, mealy worms live or dried or anything for a couple of weeks. She is a total free ranger. She has lost weight and just walks around a small area in our back yard. She is an only child (3 chicks arriving Aug 30th)

She definitely feels better since the massage.

My area does not have a chicken vet. After reading the crop articles here, would it be correct for me to begin administering Monistat 3 times a day ?

What can I do for my girlie ????
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