Help to diagnose sick chicken


7 Years
Feb 9, 2012
We have a not yet laying cuckoo maran hen. 3 weeks ago she was "gasping" and laying still with her eyes closed. She was also exhibiting neurological symptoms (like she was drunk). She would nod off and then "honk" herself awake. She could not eat or drink on her own, so we hand fed her.

We house her with two RIR, who still show no ill symptoms. We gave them all a dose of Solmet in their water. The hen stopped gasping and showed general improvement. About a week after we gave them Solmet, we gave the sick hen one dose of Ivermectin to be safe. Throughout, she remained weak and generally "dumber" than the other chickens. We felt she was, however, improving daily.

Today, she has come down from her nest (didn't see her do it) but is unable to walk. She is scooting on her "forearms", but her feet appear to be dead. She is trying to eat and drink normally, hanging close to the food/water. She also looks glassy eyed...she closes her eyes but isn't nodding off like before.

This is our daughters pet. We are willing to take care of a disabled chicken but not at the cost of the flock. We are trying our best to answer these questions:
Is this contagious?
Is she going to die soon anyway?
Will she stabilize?
How long can you wait this sort of thing out with chickens? We are first time chicken owners and still learning the ropes.

Any advice on how to treat a chicken situation or pathology would be helpful.

Seattle, Wa

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