HELP! "Trying" to clean up chicken poop!


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6 Years
Sep 18, 2013
North Central Oklahoma
I have 5 chickens who LOVE to pooh ALL over my cement porch!! The solid stuff is easy to clean, the runny, not so easy (I'm not sure if runny poop is a sign of illness, or not?) But I cant seem to rid the stains from the cement, ESPECIALLY when my mullberry tree starts to produce, it's a terrible mess. Does anybody have any ideas, or miracle concoctions to make my once lovely porch clean again??
I'm guessing the runny poop you're referring to is cecal poop. It's very hard to remove from any surface. I have a small concrete slab in front of our garage door that lead out to the run. I have to spray it down almost daily to keep it from staining. Maybe vinegar? I'd be hesitant to use any chemical cleaners out where the chickens roam.

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