Help!! turkey poults dieing!

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    Jan 25, 2008
    I recieved 20 turkey poults on Fri. Then Fri Afternoon TexasPoultry emailed me to se if they had arived ok, I told her that one was Doa but the rest seemed healthy, by Sat morning she had refunded the 5.33 for the one doa chick, however over the weekend and by today I have lost 10 more!! I am now down to 9 chicks, The temp under the heat lamp is 94-98 but they can get out from under it if it gets to the higher end of that scale. I am feeding them flock raiser unmedicated and I give them fresh water everyday, Now I know You usually loose some turkeys becouse they are harder to raise but I have now lost over 50%, what can I do?

    I think texas poultry gets their s from whelp, anyone else have problems with their turkeys or am I doing something wrong??
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    Apr 26, 2009
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    How old are they ? I had super sickly RP baby i got from a farmers market and she was on deaths door.. chilled. skinny and droopy.. i babied her back to health with polyvisol.. lost of holding etc and bird powder.
    Not sure how much protein they are getting but they need at least 25 % if not more.. I use some coop brand for game brids with 28% . it worked n my sickly baby.
    Use Polivisol without iron in the water. that should give them a nice boost or even try 2 drops directly a few times a day per bird.
    They need more attention that regular chickens. And way more protein .I am not sure if the unmedicdated would make much of a difference. Mine are still on medicated feed until i use it all up..
    And if they got chilled or dehydrated it could do them in really quick also. Are they in a draft free place?
    And they starve out really easy.
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    Nov 19, 2007
    Make sure you're giving them enough protein -- 26% protein (gamebird layer is good).

    In the meantime feed them hard-boiled egg yolks.

    Are they drinking and eating?

    Keep them very clean -- clean water, not on any kind of dirty floor.

    What is their poo like? Do they have coccidosis?

    What breed are they?

    Are they in a drafty spot? Are they huddled under the heat lamp? Are they chirping madly?

    How much space do they have?

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