HELP! Two bullied hens 4 weeks old


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Mar 15, 2014
HELP! I had my 6 chickens in a rubbermaid tote since they were babies- last night I moved them to a pen lined with newspaper and shavings and they had there food and water and plenty of space to move around in. Came home to find two of them badly pecked at. My EE his missing his back feathers and a RI is badly pecked at on her butt (missing all tail feathers). I have 2 Buff Orps, another RI and 1 Red Star. Up until today they all were getting along. What do I do with the two bloodied chickens?! What can I do to stop the pecking?!

I am new to owning chickens and have zero idea on what caused this- could they be stressed from me moving them to a new environment?

Thanks! All help would be much appreciated!
They are starting to work out their pecking order, but make sure their room is adequate and that they have some things to climb on and explore. They should be getting 20% protein in a starter/grower feed. You may need to separate badly pecked chicks, but BluKote spray will help color the wounds blue to disguise them. Put a little mirror in with them and some toys.
Any suggestions on toys?? They are getting their starter feed and eating well- I have the two girls isolated in a seperate container now and the other 4 are in the pen. I read somewhere else to clean the wounds with saline and I but on some neosporin. Hopefully that calms them down a bit.
Thanks! I will go try that- i should keep the two injured seperate until they heal?

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