Help! Unhappy birds!!


6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
Hello. I am new to chickens and have my first group now. They are all just 6 months old, 4 isa browns and 2 easter eggers. I bought them all at the same time and they have always been together. The isa browns have been laying for about a month. 1 egg a day until 2 weeks ago when it suddenly stopped for a few days and now we get 1-2 eggs a day. Last week all the brown chickens ganged up on one easter egger and ripped out her feathers and made her skin all irritated and bloody. I separated the hurt hen from the rest that day and that night they were picking on the other easter egger so I put the easter eggers together separate from the browns. She healed up very nicely so in an earlier post someone told me to put them all back together, find the bully and remove that one from the flock. Today when I went out one brown one is pecking and biting at the other 3 brown hens combs and they are now scabbed. I seperated that brown bully and put the other 5 together and within minutes the 3 browns were on top of my easter egger again, ripping out feathers and just pecking away at her back. I now have the 2 EE's together, 3 browns together, and the bully seperate from all. I only have 1 coop and they have a very large fenced in area to roam so I am not sure what to do. Please help, this is very overwhelming:( on the positive side I did get my first beautiful blue egg from one EE this morning:)

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