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OK, so the firs chick in the incubator in my classroom hatched this morning. I know that it can should stay in the incubator for 24, but I had to take the chick out into a brooder early. He kept on climbing on top of eggs and getting very close to the heating element and even got stuck once!
So, when I was going home I decided to take him home with me and put i in the brooder unil his other siblings came out.
He hatched out at 8:30 and was in the incubator until 3:30PM (7 hours) He was doing fine in the brooder at home and cheaping all the time.


I wentto checkon him and it was way too hot! so I moved the lamp and the temp is now at 93F

Bu he is not cheeping and he just seems so lethargic. I gave him a little water (I know he wouldn't necessarily need it, but I was desparate.

OK, so now he just cheeped a little. and is moving a bit.

Could he jus be sleeping or could the heat have harmed him a lot.

He also hasn't completely fluffed out. His back is hard like dried up super hair gel.

Advice anyone?

thanks in advance
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If you had him in the brooder why did he not have water all the time? Once they are out of the incubator you can and should give them water. Just because they can live for days without it doesn't mean they should.

Hopefully he will be fine, just give him water, and make sure it doesn't get to hot in there again. Let him cool off a bit and he should perk up.
You can rub the chicks down against the grain with your fingers- it should get the dried goo off without getting it wet. He'll fluff out after that. They do sleep alot after hatching- and actually look like they're dead. Every time I see my tiny ones doing that I make a noise and watch them all pop up. They're too funny.
Keep an eye on the temp of the brooder until you're sure it's stable, and make sure that there's a zone that's cooler than you think he needs, so the chick can move to a cooler spot if it feels like it. They'll tell you whether they are hot or cold: if they pant, or lie around with their wings lifted, they're too hot. If they lie all loosey goosey to nap, they are likely comfy. If they try to sleep standing up, they are too cold.

Your little one will be very lonely, but it's better for him to be safe, rather than singed! Keep food and water in with him, but make sure you have marbles or pebbles in the water dish, as they often drown in less than an inch of water. Objects in the water help remind them to peck in there, too- sometimes it's as if they forget it's there because it's clear! You'll have to dip the beak in to show the water is a good thing. Don't dip too deep, as they can aspirate and drown very easily.

Best of luck, and no question is wrong- we all have lots to learn.
The dry heat in a brooder is different than in the incubator, and they should have water as soon as you move them. You start by dipping their beak in water as you put them in the brooder. Sometimes you have to do it more than once for them to learn how to drink. If he is really lethargic, sometimes it is better to take a single drop of water on your fingertip and touch it to his beak, he will usually swallow. Now that you have it cooled down and he has water, he should recover.
If mine don't fluff up I give them a bath in ninety degree water, then towel dry them really good. You can blow dry them if you're really careful, but its usually enough to put them back under the light.
Thanks for the clarification on the water. I was getting confused with reading different information.

He actually seems to be getting better. He was cheeping like crazy when I just picked him up to try to get him some more water.
Thank you so much everyone. I feel a lot better.

He'll only be lonely tonight. HOpefully the other chicks who had pipped today are on their way to being hatched.

My students really loved it today. I set up a camera to my projector so everyone could see (and so I wouldn't have a crowd of 14 yr olds around the incubator bickering that they can't se because so and so is hogging up all the space LOL, ah gota love them)


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