Help!! Urgent!! (update! pics and video on page 5!)


8 Years
Jun 5, 2011
Today is day 17 of incubation and I just went to go turn the eggs and I turned one and it looked like a pip! But not for sure! What do I do!!???

Okay, picture and a video on page 5!! The video is right under pic 1!
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One egg out of my last batch hatched 4 days early. He was lonely for a couple days but he's fine. You may just have yourself an "early bird". If he does hatch and is alone for a couple days, a small stuffed animal and a small mirror will help keep him company until his brood mates arrive. Take a deep breath and let it happen.
Humidity right now is 66 percent. Does it need to be in eighties? I would post a pic but don't have camera at moment. Also the membrane seems dry..Do I just leave it?
Increase humidity to about 75%. If the membrane looks dry, wrap the egg loosely in warm wet paper towels. Try to limit the amount of times you check on it so as not to disturb the overall humidity for the other eggs. Keep us posted!
Well I don't have to open the incubator to look at it because the top is plexiglass. How ever, how do I know if it is a pip? I seriously can't really tell! I'm a nooby at this!
A pip looks like a tiny outward crack in the egg. The small crack usually has 3 or 4 little cracks radiating from a center point. I know there are pictures around here somewhere. BRB with a pic. Also, you can hold the egg to your ear and listen for pecking or peeping.

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