Help us Vote To get a Playground for our Kids?


8 Years
Apr 4, 2011
Near Seattle
Hi there! This has nothing to do with chickens, so I thought I'd put it here - I'd like to ask if you would help us vote in the Pepsi challenge to help us get our kids a playground! We are at number 8 and need to stay in the top 10 for the next two days in order to win...

Our school is an alternative/homeschool resource center located in an old high school campus - it serves K-12 kids and is really a great thing - but nothing to do outside at lunch time or when waiting for the next class to start.

Please help us Vote Here:
- it's easy, and free, you can vote with your facebook log-in, and/or text and/or vote with your pepsi account.

Thank you thank you thank you!


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