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  1. jujubean

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    Jun 15, 2009
    [​IMG] I have 4yr old black cochin hen. she started staying in the coope most of the day for about a month. I thought maybe she was just getting picked on although she was the top of the pecking order, but I had added alot of new hens to the flock over the last year. then two weeks ago I found her laying out side the coop on her side and she couldn't stand. Her legs didn't seem to be broke and she had good grip. she had alot of droppings on her backside so I gave her a warm bath she seemed to be doing better and I noticed she had mites really bad I got that taken care of. then she quit eatting. But a coulple of days ago I got her to start taking water from a dropper and she is now eating. I put electrolites in her water as well as corid for a intestinal infection. Her comb and waddle and eyes are still bright and she is alert but still can't stand. Could somthing be broke and if so what do I do. Please help

    also she isn't egg bound she quit laying last year
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    Have you tried massaging her legs to get a feel for any atrophy or something out of line> pics would be a help too

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